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2017 Breeders Cup Information and Gate Times

2017 BREEDERS CUP INFORMATIONWe are less than a week away from the Breeders’ Cup World Championships. Del Mar will be the home and the finest in the world will be on site to prove their worth. Over the past 30+ years, there have been over 270+ champions crowned at the Breeders Cup. The two-day event is the culmination of the racing season. While many casual fans think of the Kentucky Derby-Preakness Stakes-Belmont Stakes as the pinnacle of the racing season, the real followers of the sport know that there is a summer grind, full of amazing racing, which peaks at the Breeders’ Cup. There will be over $25 million in purses money handed out over the two-day period. People local or traveling into Southern California will be looking for 2017 Breeders Cup information and gate times but for owners it is much more than that.

An owner cannot just enter a Breeders’ Cup race; there are qualification criteria that must be met in order to step into the starting gate. There are a few ways that a horse can qualify to run. The Breeders’ Cup Challenge Series is the first way a horse can gain entry. Winning one of the selected races automatically qualifies a horse for entry. Secondly, horses can earn qualification through a yearlong point’s race. Each Grade 1, Grade 2, or Grade 3 race has a level of weighted points for first thru third place. Garner enough points and you are in. Finally, there is the panel of experts. This group can decide if a horse merits the chance to run in a Breeders’ Cup race. Fair? Yes, if there is a horse that was injured or has another weighting factor that limited starts for a talented animal. Regardless, each race is capped at 14 horses.

The level of excitement around the horse racing world cannot be understated. Everyone is counting down to an incredible event. Each bettor is looking for an angle, each trainer is looking for the edge and each owner is giddy with the opportunity to be crowned a Breeders’ Cup Champion. Money will be flowing over the two day event. Last year, the total two-day handle for the Breeders’ Cup World Championships was $159,991,831. Could the Breeders’ Cup hit $200 million in the not so distant future? Anything is possible so you should never rule it out. Maybe this year could be the year. Locally, 118,484 people attended live to watch incredible racing at Santa Anita.  It could be over 120,000 people will be looking for 2017 Breeders Cup information and gate times as they prepare for the biggest days of the racing year.

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2017 Breeders Cup Information and Gate Times

November 3, 2017 – Friday

Parking Opens at 8:30 AM PST

Gate Open at 0900 AM PST

Betting Windows Open at 10:00 AM PST


November 4, 2017 – Saturday

Parking Opens at 7:30 AM PST

Gate Opens at 8:00 AM PST

Betting Windows Open at 9:00 AM PST

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