LHR GREEN CIRCLE LOGO SMALL 300x278Longshot Horse Racing is a veteran owned sports brand created by a passionate core of knowledgeable horse racing fans and published writers. Longshot Horse Racing launched in 2016 with a simple idea. The “every man” does not know how to handicap horses but loves the sport of horse racing. The reader wants to be engaged through thought provoking content that will make you think or generate debate. That is another core belief here at Longshot Horse Racing.

Here Longshot Horse Racing will launch an academy to teach the nuances of horse racing but also produce content that is broken down and digestible by everyone with a little humor mixed in from time to time. Trust that we have done the research and enjoy how we deliver it to our readers.


The mission of Longshot Horse Racing is to become the first choice for respected opinion, interaction, entertainment and user driven content around the sport of horse racing. With that in mind Longshot Horse Racing promises the following:

Up Front and Honest: Longshot Horse Racing believes in a foundation of ethical behavior, honesty and integrity throughout day–to-day business. Regardless of topic or event, Longshot Horse Racing will always work in an up front and honest way.

The Highest Standard: Longshot Horse Racing believes in performance excellence. That proprietorship will meet or exceed the expectations of our readership. If at any point in time a reader feels this to be inaccurate they should let us know.

Never Be Content: Longshot Horse Racing believes in forward thinking. We know that being content is the first step towards failure. To that end Longshot Horse Racing will continue to implement new features and increase user interaction. We will always remain focused on promoting and optimizing the exposure of Longshot Horse Racing through a growing global presence