Greatest Horse Racing Announcer Calls Ever

Horse Racing AnnouncersHere at Longshot Horse Racing, we takes things seriously but also acknowledge that every once in a while you just have to have a little fun. Lets try and have a little fun today with the greatest horse racing announcer calls. For everyone that enjoys the sport of horse racing, there is an announcer or a call that you just cannot forget. It could have been the voice, the conditions, or the sheer absurd nature of it all.

I can respect the magnitude of any race and its place in historical context but what really sticks with me is when the announcer makes me laugh. It could be Tom Durkin, Larry Collmus or even a guest announcer like Conan O’Brien. It might be a horses name or the weather that creates the moment but regardless it will stick.

Exceptional performance is one thing but hysterical or improvisational calls can really sink in. Below is a list of the funniest calls in horse racing history, in my opinion. Sit back and remember history one smile and chuckle at a time.

Greatest Horse Racing Announcer Calls

Classic Conan O’Brien while calling a race at Santa Anita Park

Video Courtesy of Team Coco